01 August 2006

Broken Machine, ANTM, Tonight

Today I worked, as usual on Monday. When I came in this morning, the screen on the printing machine was flickering. So I called Kodak and I tried to explain what was going on. That’s pretty hard for me early on Monday morning, but I guess the technician got the gist and he came over. Turns out that he couldn’t fix it like that. He tried adjusting the monitor with the buttons that are on the monitor itself, but that didn’t work. So the VGA-card is probably broken. He said he’d order it and that he’d have it as soon as possible, probably tomorrow. The result was that we’ve been working with a flickering screen all day, and it was a pretty busy day. After I printed some films, my eyes were all teary and I was wondering how that could be. But that must’ve been because of the screen. I hope he’ll fix it tomorrow, although I doubt that he will. I guess he won’t have the supplies he needs by tomorrow. I’ll see how it goes on Wednesday.
I watched ANTM tonight. It’s still so much fun. And tonight, they didn’t even eliminate someone, and I was really curious to see who had to leave. They’re off to London now.
I didn’t play Guild Wars tonight. I am so tired right now that I just finished some things (like listening to the new Secrets of Harry Potter episode: http://www.sqpn.com/?p=253 (listen all the way to the end ;-))) And now I’m updating my blog. I’m gonna read in my Bible and then go to bed. Tomorrow it’s Pilates and I’ll probably go to the centre of The Hague to buy my study books and to try to find a gift for Martijn’s birthday on Friday :-s


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