01 August 2006

My Tuesday

This morning I had Pilates class by an American teacher. That was kind of funny, because she would mix Dutch with English. There was only one other person with me. That’s not really a good thing, because that means that the teacher can pay attention to you privately and she also notices every mistake you make and everything else you do wrong.
When I came home, I took a shower and I went shopping. I first picked up the two study books and after that I went looking for a gift for Martijn. I found a gift and two smaller gifts too, but I can’t say anything about it, because he just might read this blog. I also bought two really cool photo albums for myself. I needed some new ones, because my last one was almost full. I bought one at V&D with 100 black pages, and it’s a bigger size so that the bigger pictures that I order via the Internet will fit nicely in it. I also love the black pages. The price was only € 12.95 and they had a 20 % discount. When I would buy a comparable book in my own shop, the regular customer price would be at least € 28.95. The quality is better of course, but for these pictures of mine, which are not important, just my zoo pictures and of the weekends and such, this is just fine. I also bought 4 of my favourite pens which they had in stock. I’m really happy with those, because I had been looking for them for half a year. I love the way they write.
Then I baked a bread and I prepared dinner for Martijn and me and tonight I played some Guild Wars (but I quit after I had died twice), I finished one photo album so that we can show it to Martijns mother on Saturday and I watched JAG. And now I’m ready to go to bed.


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