19 December 2005

Yesterday's dinner, Finished Essay, Job-hunting

Yesterday my boyfriend went to work with me and afterwards we had dinner with the people from work. Well, actually, just with the owners and a lot of people they knew. I was the only employee, because all of my colleagues, 3 of them, couldn’t make it. We had a good time. The food tastes really good. We went to eat in a Thai restaurant, if that is how you spell it. I had a mild curry with chicken, onion and potatoes. I really enjoyed it. And the restaurant was pretty much oriented for the English speaking people. There was one dessert which was ‘sweet’ in the English description (sweet mango), but ‘zout’ in Dutch, which means ‘salt’. I was wondering what that would taste like…
Today I finished my 2 essays. My classmate will proofread one, and I’ll ask my boyfriend nicely if he will as well. At the moment, I’m pretty satisfied with what I have, and I’m very happy they’re as good as ready. I also searched the Internet tonight for job vacancies to which I can apply. I didn’t find that much. There’s one supermarket company who’s looking for manager of the cash register-department. They are not really in this neighbourhood, but I will remember it. The searching took me a lot of time, so I didn’t do anything else for my tests in January today.
Tonight I watched 24, the 4th season is on air here now, we’re about half way, and I really enjoy it.


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