21 November 2005

After a long day's work with a cold

After a long day’s work with a cold
Well, I’m back home again. I had a nice dinner which my boyfriend made and after that I watched some stupid game-show on TV. It was a pretty long day today. I started working with the owner of the shop, who’s really tiresome. After she left, I had to work for an hour to get everything back on track and to get an overview of what still had to be done. I felt pretty bad in the morning, and in the course of the afternoon I developed a cold. So now I keep sniffling and blowing my nose and I feel pretty bad. Tomorrow morning I have Pilates classes and in the evening I have to go to the University. I should do some homework now, but I don’t really feel like it. Guess I’ll just do it tomorrow afternoon.
I hope I’ll get some nice sleep tonight and feel a bit better in the morning.


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