20 November 2005

New Harry Potter and the Richest Boy of the UK

With me being a huge Harry Potter fan,
(well, ‘huge’ may be an overstatement, but ‘big’ will do), I can hardly wait for the new movie to enter the Dutch cinemas next week. It wasn’t a very big surprise when I just read that Daniel Radcliffe is the richest boy in the UK. He has made 15 million Euro of only the first 3 movies, and there are still 4 to come of course. It’s more money than I have ever seen
I don’t even know when I’ll be able to go to the cinema and watch this new movie. I have promised myself I will go, just have to find some spare hours. I have already read the new book. The Dutch translation came out this weekend, but I don’t have to read it. They translated the words really weird; like ‘Hogwarts’ is translated with ‘Zweinstein’, which is really bad. So I already know who’s the character that dies in the last book...


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