22 November 2005

Pilates, Homework, Bad Mark

Well, then a quick note about today. This morning I went to Pilates. I still love this kind of sport. It’s not too quick or too heavy, and since I’m the youngest participant of the group, I can follow the classes very good
For those of you that don’t know Pilates, the easiest way to describe it, is as a kind of Yoga, but then differently. I just do floor-exercises in which I strengthen en lengthen my muscles. It feels really good afterwards, also because it’s very good for my back. Here is a link for some more information:
All About Pilates.com
After Pilates I felt really bad, in contrary to me feeling so good after it usually. I have a cold and I was really tired, so I went to bed and slept for about an hour. In the afternoon I did some homework and tonight I went to my classes at the university. I got back my writing assignment of Language Acquisition, which I handed in last week. I only got a 6,5 out of 10, so I’m not too happy about it. I just don’t agree with what my teacher says about my work. She focused on the structure and the topic sentence and such things, and I think it was pretty OK in this piece of writing. I just feel I deserved a higher mark.
I gotta go to bed now, I have to work tomorrow, and I’ll post again soon.


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