16 December 2005

Work, Test, Tomorrow

It wasn’t that great a day today. I started with work. I worked with the owner of the shop, which was pretty tiresome. Her husband was there as well for about an hour, and it was nice to see him. It had been some time since I had last seen him, and he looked pretty well for his condition.
After work I had to go to Leiden to my classes. I had my Language Acquisition Test, the speaking/pronunciation test. It didn’t go as well as I had hoped, but I’m hoping it’ll be sufficient.
Tomorrow I have a busy day. I have to pick up my Student’s Public Transport card for the next year. I have to go shopping, yes, I have to go, it’s not like I really enjoy it. I have to buy a nice blouse for Christmas and I need to buy some Christmas gifts for my colleagues and my boyfriend. We have just discussed the Christmas-issue and we have decided that we won’t give each other big presents or anything. Which is not too bad, since I have no idea what I’m gonna buy. Well, we’ll see about that tomorrow.


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