13 March 2006

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Here’s a short weekend-update. Wow, it’s very hard to think of what I did this weekend. Last Friday I cooked, and we went to the market to buy some fruit. One of these days I’ll post the picture I took of it. It’s nothing special; it only looked nice because of all the different colours. Yesterday I didn’t leave the house. I did my grammar homework and I started on my essay. It went pretty well, better than I had expected. It’s a comparative essay, which I have never written before, but I already have an outline how I will write it. Now I only need to write it down. Ow, and I have a new addiction since yesterday. I found the game ‘Fish Tycoon’. It’s a simulation game in which you need to breed your own fish by making them pregnant. The only problem is that it’s in real-time, so I need to wait for hours before my babies are born and matured so that I can sell them or breed further. I even got my bf addicted, so that means something. And yesterday was the grand finale of ‘Idols’ and Raffaëlla, the one on the picture and my favourite, won!!! I didn’t expect her to win, especially because everyone else thought the runner-up, Floortje, would win. But I preferred Raffaëlla, even though she's pregnant, and now she won! I’m so happy for her.
Today I didn’t do too much. I finished my grammar homework and prepared my vocab-quiz of next Tuesday. I bred a lot of fish though :-) That was fun. Tonight was the last episode of Rome of this season. That’s too bad. Now my favourite characters have either died or done something terrible (I don’t want to spoil the clue).
And tomorrow, there’s work again. How I wish life could just consist of weekends and doing homework. Yes, I’m even willing to do homework in my spare time, but if I could just skip the working.


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