17 March 2006

Homework, Clarissa, Classes

Today I didn’t have to work, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything. I wish it could… I finished my essay and prepared tonight’s class on Clarissa by Samuel Richardson. I even prepared some of the Vocab and grammar homework for next week, so that saves me some time this weekend. And I prepared a nice ‘muesli-bread’ for myself this morning. Well, I prepared it in the morning and it was ready in the afternoon, because it takes a couple of hours. I had been thinking about making one for a couple of days/weeks now but I just hadn’t come round to it. So, today I had some time, and I saw it as a treat for myself because I have to work tomorrow. Then at least I’ll have a good lunch.
Tonight I had my classes about Clarissa and the second class about writing essays and doing presentations in general. The lesson about Clarissa went well. I was able to make one smart remark, and when the teacher asked us who had liked the book, I was one of them, together with 2 others or so in a class of 13/15 people. I really could follow the lesson, because my American friend had helped me prepare this class really well. I quite enjoyed it and I might even write my essay and do my presentation on this topic. But now, as always, I’ll have to get to bed and work tomorrow. Yuck…


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