14 March 2006

Really Bad Day at Work, Tomorrow Homework

I had a horrible day at work today. It started really great. I slept until late, as late as possible, I checked my fish (Fish Tycoon), I checked the trains and I left. I saw that there was some delay on my track, but I couldn’t travel otherwise, so I only thought I’d have some delay. Well, I got about half way and then the train wouldn’t go any further. I could go by bus or travel a different route by train. I chose the last option, but I was late for work. I had already called my colleague that he could make sure he got hold of a key. I am usually the one who opens the store, so he doesn’t have a key. Luckily he was able to and the shop opened at time.
So I arrived about 15 minutes late at work today and it was such a mess when I came in. The owner was there already, together with my colleague. There was a lot of work still left from last Saturday. Some jobs were saved for me, which I think my colleagues could have done just as easily. One job was to tell the customer the price of the product, I don’t see why my colleague couldn’t have told him just as easily. Then in the afternoon we had some troubles with the printing machine, with the paper. All photos had a black border at both sides. So we had to change paper again and throw away the rest of the paper, which is worth about 3000 prints. I felt really bad afterwards, although there was nothing I could have done differently.
And now there’s still lots of work left, but I don’t have to work tomorrow, so that’s not all for me.
I was really happy to be at home tonight. I tried to work on my essay, but that didn’t go too well, so I’ll have to finish it tomorrow or the day after. So, no work for me tomorrow, but lots of homework and a Vocab-quiz. And the fruit on the picture is the fruit I told you about yesterday.


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