19 March 2006

The Sims 2 and my Catholic Faith

I wanted to update my blog yesterday, but I hadn’t got round to it. This is the picture I wanted to show you yesterday, after I played the Sims. This picture is kind of outdated, since the babies are kids now and the husband is dead (by flies) and has been replaced by another husband, by which she has had another twin. Yes, these are the adventures my Sims have to live through. I felt the first husband didn’t click well with his wife, so I basically killed him and manufactured another one. And yes, I didn’t have to do that much homework this week, so I actually had some time off this weekend. I could have done some extra homework for next week, but that would have been too active.
Tonight I received the e-mail I had been waiting for from the priest here in The Hague, so not my podcasting priest. I wanted to do an ‘Alpha-cursus’, a sort of RCIA course. I mailed a couple of churches here in the neighbourhood, but the next course doesn’t start until September and the time isn’t too convenient for me. This priest had mailed me with his information and said that I could always contact him if I wanted to. And so I did. I mailed him with my background and my religious background, for as much as I have it. I find it very difficult to talk with anyone about my religious thoughts, but I really am interested in religion, in the Catholic faith. Last week the priest had tried to mail me, but the mail didn’t arrive. Today I finally received it correctly. It was a really great mail. The priest basically said that I need to ask God what to do and that he will send me a book if I want to which explains the Catholic faith. So I mailed him back that I would really love to receive this book and I thanked him for the mail. And now I need to consider what to do. But first, off to work tomorrow.


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