16 March 2006

Study Day Yesterday, Work Today, Another Study Day Tomorrow

Yesterday I had a ‘study-day’. First I went to Pilates, which went pretty well. I can still see myself improving, and the teacher keeps on pointing at things which I couldn’t do at first. That’s really encouraging. After Pilates I spent the afternoon doing my homework. I finished most of my essay and did all the other homework which I had to prepare for last night’s classes. I also studied for the vocab-quiz I had last night. So, at night I had classes. It wasn’t too bad. The quiz went okay. I forgot who had invented the ballpoint (of what use is this to my English vocabulary anyway) and I forgot the term ‘brickbats’, but overall I did well, and I think I will have passed it.
Today I had to work. It wasn’t as bad as Monday, all though it started out pretty badly. I came in and had to finish the work they had left for us from yesterday. The main problem was that I didn’t know at what time these people would come to pick up their pictures. I just started and I finished everything in time. In the afternoon we didn’t have much work left, so then it got better. I just sat and surfed the Internet and worked a little as well.
Tonight I didn’t do anything. Well actually, I prepared dinner for myself, just some pasta, and after that I watched TV and played at my computer, still with my fishes. I also chatted with my friend from the States, which was fun. Tomorrow I don’t have to work, I’ll have to finish my essay and go to class in the evening. The bad thing is that I’ll have to work on Friday. But it’s just a swap, so it’s not too bad.


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