30 July 2006

Guild Wars, Last Weeks, New Job Application

Wow, I didn’t know I hadn’t updated anything in ten days now. I thought it was less…
As you can see in the pictures, I am kind of addicted to playing Guild Wars now. Martijn also really likes the game, which is nice, so we can talk about it together and look at each other playing. My Mesmer/Ranger is lvl 15 now and my Elementalist/Monk is lvl 11. I’ll try to make a better screenshot some other day, but now you get a chance to see what I look like. The objective of the game is to reach lvl 20 by murdering monsters, such as Grawl, Charr, Fire Imps, Hydra’s and anything else you can imagine. By murdering monsters you gain experience which eventually takes you to the next level. A couple of years ago I played Everquest, which is a bit alike Guild Wars. I really like this game now, because it doesn’t have a monthly fee (I think I mentioned that before) and it’s fairly easy to play. I can even get myself better armour or a better weapon. I always found that much harder to do in Everquest. The maximum lvl in Guild Wars is lvl 20, while in Everquest that’s lvl 60. That takes a lot more hours to reach. The fun of playing these games is also that you can do it together with other people. I really like that, even when people make mistakes or just leave in the middle of something important.
And for the rest, I’ve mainly been working. That’s about how I spent these last two weeks: working and playing GW. Since my computer is the only computer that has Guild Wars on it, sometimes I couldn’t update my blog because Martijn would be playing GW on it. It’s much too hot over here to do anything else. Nothing too spectacular happened actually. I picked up my study books about two weeks ago. I still need to pick up two more, probably Tuesday if I have time and if I want to go. I did find another job to which I may be applying. It’s a job behind the reception/cash of a theatre about two blocks from here. The job is only for 20 hours a week, but I love the theatre and I think I would enjoy working there. I just don’t know if they’ll have me, since I go to the university two nights a week and I don’t know if I want to leave the photo shop. We’ll see how that goes.
Today Martijn and I went to the zoo, I’ll post the pictures later tonight or tomorrow. I’ll try to update my blog more often from now on…


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