20 July 2006

Today Work, Yesterday Study Books

Here’s a really short update from me. I really should be in bed right now, but I thought I’d update a little before I went to bed. Today I worked all day. I worked with my new colleague. It’s fine to work with her, as long as it’s quiet without much work (that’s the same, isn’t it?). Luckily, today was a really quiet day. It was way too hot to shop or do anything. In our shop it wasn’t that bad, because we have good air conditioning. Tonight I just prepared some food for myself and I watched TV. I watched some stupid TV-movie and an episode of ‘Crossing Jordan’. The actor who played Philip Banks in the Fresh Prince also played a character, that’s always fun to see.
Yesterday I picked up my new study books. I also received the schedule of what I have to read for literature in what week. It seems like a lot, but I’m glad I’ve already started and I’m still reading for this course. And tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I’ll have to work. *sigh* Sometimes it might be nice to stay at home and do nothing.


At 20:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hai Yelda!
How are you? When do we read your new story? bye xx Nina

At 13:34, Blogger Panadero said...

And Hai Yelda from me too!

How are you?
But my question is "When do we read your new SHP script?"

No rush. I'm on holiday in Robin Hood Country for a couple of weeks.

xx Giles


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