28 January 2009

Okay, so today was a very exciting day for me. Well, not really exciting, but it was very important. Because: I got the keys of my new house! I'm going to move to a small two-room apartment and I'm going to live on my own again. I was pretty nervous about this appointment today, because I was afraid they would not think I earned enough money to be able to pay the rent. But they didn't say anything about that. They only nagged about some other administrative issues, but I signed the contract and I now have the keys. Now I'll have to clean the apartment and get some wallpaper and paint on the walls in order to be able to move in. I also need to order flooring and I need to buy a washing machine, a cooker and a refrigerator. But I'm gonna do everything one step at a time, which is work tomorrow and then I'm gonna order the flooring as soon as I can. The next few weeks are going to be pretty stressful for me with lots of work.


At 17:56, Blogger Panadero said...

Hi there Yelda,

I wish you all the best in your new life at the flat. I hope you get things tidy and sorted soon and that it's a snug place to be.


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