21 May 2008

Sylphide and Mira

I have done so many updates in the past few days that I kinda forgot to update here as well :) My first two TVs arrived!

Last week on Friday Sylphide arrived. You can check out her travelog on http://www.toyvoyagers.com/index.php?a=topic&t=102407 We have had a lot of fun together already. She has done a Quest for Wisdom where she interviewed some of the other animals here in the house and they shared some of their wisdom with her. And on the same day the feline creature Jaran had given to me was named! His name is Jason. I thought that name befitted him very well and of course he is named after a great legend.

And then today, there was another surprise in the mail, and this was truly a surprise. There was an envelope for me from Australia. I really thought this was Garfield so I was really excited that he had finally arrived. Then I got upstairs and opened the envelope and it turned out to be quite a different creature. He was a dog instead of a cat! And his name isn’t Garfield, but Mira. Mira has spent a while with his first host in Australia, but she never updated his travelog and she didn’t respond to messages from Mira’s owner. So I actually didn’t think he would ever reach my house safely. But there he was today! All safe and sound! This is his travelog: http://www.toyvoyagers.com/index.php?a=topic&t=101563

So we’re going to be quite busy in London. Did I already mention that we’re going on a holiday to London? We’re going away for a week in June. I already booked the flight and the hotel. And we need to bring along the TVs as well of course. I’m awaiting at least one more for the holiday and that’s Troddy Trafalgar. His wish is to visit Trafalgar Square in London and learn more about Lord Nelson and I’m going to help him with both these wishes. He is already on his way from Germany to my house, so I hope he’ll get here some time this week. So that’s what I’ve been up to these past few days.


At 08:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love to see that Jason has made lots of new friends! And nice pictures on TV! It seems Jason too enjoyed travelling with the others and even forgot to be lying around lazily when playing ball with them :P

Have fun in London and bring lots of pictures back! ;)


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