09 August 2006

Bad day at work, Bad King Kong

It’s still very early over here, but I’m gonna watch some TV and then I’m off to bed. I’m really tired. I didn’t really sleep much last night. It was a really busy, hectic day at work today. It was pretty awful. I worked with my new colleague and we had a lot of customers and a lot of bad things happened at the same time. I felt like I was flying and running all the time while she was just relaxed and not doing much. I’ll only have to work one more day with her and then I hope she won’t work with us anymore. Perhaps one day now and then, but I hope that’s it.
Last night and tonight I tried to watch King Kong, the new version by Peter Jackson. I had great expectations, because Fr Roderick said he liked the movie very much and I love the LOTR trilogy by Peter Jackson, but I really don’t like this movie. I watched the first hour last night, but that was very boring. I watched most of the second hour today with King Kong. It was just crap. Suddenly there were dinosaurs in the movie on the island. Why dinosaurs? By the way, I didn’t see the original King Kong, so I don’t have any connection to King Kong. They defied many laws of physics and the movie was just not believable. The good thing is that I rented the movie, so I didn’t buy it yet and I’m definitely not going to.


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