13 December 2005

Another Application, Pilates, Pubs, Cartridges

And today I sent my second application. I went to the library with my classmate this afternoon and she convinced me that I should do it. And I agreed with her. The worst thing that can happen is that they don’t want me, or that I get the job and I have to quit my current job in February. I’ll just see what happens.
So I went to Pilates this morning. It was a regular class again, but with the exercises closer to each other, more in one flow, so it was hard, but it felt pretty good. I could almost keep up with everything and everyone, that’s pretty cool.
I read the articles which I have to prepare for next Thursday. They have some nasty words in them, like ‘spontaneity’, ‘etiquette’ and ‘draught’. The texts are about English pubs (which is hard to pronounce in itself). I guess the regular students will like the texts, because they are about pints and beer and stuff, but I’m absolutely not into alcohol, so I don’t really like the subject. They’re kind of hard to read aloud, since they’re not stories, but more articles on the subject.
In the library I did a lot of work. I made a list of the definitions of Literature. It was nice to recognize the definitions the teacher was talking about all semester, like ‘iambic pentameter’ and ‘canto’ and stuff. I wrote 7 pages, copying from the book. My hand was a bit cramped afterwards.
Then I bought new cartridges for my printer. I looked up the price for an original cartridge. It was €50,00 for one black cartridge, just outrageous! I bought two cartridges of another brand, but which are compatible with my printer, for less than half the price.


At 00:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

refillable inkjet cartridges are the way forward, much much cheaper than buying new each time , my dad goes to a local shop that deals with refilling cartridges and pays about 25% of the price


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