26 December 2005

Christmas, Pictures, Christmas Carol

Well, Christmas is over. I’ve had two days of a lot of eating, just like most people. On Christmas eve I went to my father in law. He had prepared a big dinner of 4 courses, and I like it very much. Last year I didn’t quite like it, because it was made with all sorts of ingredients I didn’t like, but this year it was ok. We even had a big turkey, which I enjoyed. The dessert I really enjoyed, which was a meringue-pie with different fruits on top, everything home-made by my father in law. After finishing installing his new computer by my boyfriend, we went home at about midnight.
The next day we had to get up relatively early, because we went to the ‘Kurhaus’ in Scheveningen. This is a very luxurious hotel and restaurant, and also has conference rooms. It is usually used by politicians and royal people and such. We went there to have a Christmas lunch with my mother and sister in law. I did not really enjoy this meal. It was made of a lot of fish and posh things which I didn’t like. Afterwards was a dessert-buffet and that was quite nice.
Today I didn’t really do anything. My boyfriend and I emptied some boxes and I ordered 150 pictures via the Internet. If I’m gonna leave my photo-shop, I will need to find another address to print my pictures. It took me about half of my evening to order them, because I did it in the webbrowser way instead of downloading the photo-assistant. Well, that’s a lesson I learned for the next time.
I have volunteered to write some articles for the Catholic Insider podcast. I’m still waiting to be added to the editorial team, but I’m very much interested at what will come of this.
I also listened to the ‘Podcast Christmas Carol’ tonight while uploading my pictures. It was really great. I’m a bit behind with listening to my podcasts, so I hadn’t heard of this initiative yet. I came across it while surfing. It was so cool. I had wanted to watch the ‘Muppets’ Christmas Carol’, but this just was as nice. Here’s the link if you’re interested: http://www.apodcastchristmascarol.org/ . I hope your Holidays have been nice, and I’ll talk to you soon.


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