11 December 2005

Christmastree, computer games

Again, I am sorry for not writing yesterday. This time it was not really my fault, but Icewatchers’. He occupied my computer till after midnight with playing Civilization IV, and by then I was long asleep.
But well, here I am. Yesterday I went to the library to study, and after that I went shopping. I went Christmas-shopping, to buy Christmas decorations for the house together with my boyfriend, Icewatcher. I bought a Christmas-tree, which I really wanted. It has become a budget tree, but that’s all right. In a couple of years I will buy a proper tree and nice balls, but for the moment this tree is just fine. I also bought some extra lights for in the house and two table-cloths.
Today I was supposed to go have dinner with my work, but we didn’t go. My boss went back to the hospital yesterday because his wound wasn’t healing well. He went back home yesterday as well, but of course he didn’t feel well enough to have dinner in a restaurant tonight. But the good news was that I didn’t have to work today. I slept without setting the alarm-clock till 10 o’clock. And the rest of the day I just hang and didn’t do that much. I cleaned the house and I bought some groceries, and a computer game. I bought ‘Need for Speed Underground’ for the Playstation 2. Yes, I know it’s an old game, but that’s why I bought it. I usually play these games just a couple of times, and then I’m fed up with it because I suck at computer games. It’s just that I wanted this game one or two years ago already, but then it was still really expensive. And after playing this, I played ‘Urbs, the Sims in the city’, which was pretty cool. Think I’ll play it again tomorrow, after writing at my essay.


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