29 December 2005

End of year, Photo shop, Dragons

The end of the year is approaching; a new year is almost there. I have worked for the last time this year. That sounds pretty cool actually 
The last 3 days I worked in the photo-shop. Today and yesterday I worked with my colleague, the one I like best, so that was not too bad. Especially yesterday we had a lot of fun and time went by quickly. I had to frame some pictures for a customer, but we didn’t have a frame that would fit, so I put the pictures together in Photoshop and I made a background of paper-clippings, because the boys on the pictures were reading a paper. It worked out really well. I was a bit nervous whether the customer would like it, but she loved it. We put the picture (30 x 40 cm) in a nice frame. She took it home, and later called that she needed 2 more, because everyone was so enthusiastic about it.
I also joined the editorial team of Fr. Roderick of the Catholic Insider podcast. He has asked for the help of volunteers to write texts for him, perhaps do some post-production or assist in creating the website http://www.sqpn.com . He wants to build a big network of Catholic podcasts, but not really preachy or scary ones, just fun productions also non-believers can listen to. Tonight I have worked on my text for the Secrets of Harry Potter podcast. This is a podcast in which Fr Roderick tries to explain some of the symbolism used by J.K. Rowling. I am working on a text regarding ‘dragons’, and it sure is a lot of work. I’ve been working at it for about 2/3 hours and I only have 1 page of text yet. I’ll have to finish it some other time this weekend, along with studying for my tests in 2 weeks. **sigh**


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