09 December 2005

Work and class

Sorry for not writing yesterday. I had so many things to do before going to bed, and I didn’t finish any of them in the end.
Today I worked, and I didn’t really like it. It wasn’t very busy and I had some quarrels with my colleague. We both think we are right, and I know I am right, so that kinda makes us have quarrels, to say it safely.
Tonight I had to go to class. In Language Lab we had a dry run of the exam of next week. It went OK, wasn’t too bad. I was so into my topic I even started mimicking with my hands and stuff, while all I had to do was talk to the microphone.
After this class I had my two Literature classes, one about The Aeneid of Virgil and the other about Paradise Lost by George Milton. The last one was very boring. I almost fell asleep. But I stayed awake so that was all right. I have found a link for you about this epic poem: http://www.paradiselost.org/
Have fun checking this out! I’m going to study in the library tomorrow, so it’ll be another great day.


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