12 December 2005

Work, Another Application, Christmas cards

I worked pretty hard today. There was still some work I had to fix of last Saturday, but also enough new work. I had to make a lot of Christmas cards, and also a lot of special ones with people’s addresses on it.
I’m a bit in doubt about what I’ll do with another application. I found a vacancy at another company for the kind of function I’d like to obtain. It’s a different kind of company, but that doesn’t matter to me. The good thing about this other company is that they offer all kinds of education to new employers, and also a sort of management education. Now I’m very much in doubt whether I will apply for this job now, because at the moment they have openings in my city. Or should I wait until I’ve been invited by the first company I applied to, if I get an invitation at all. Or will I be too late then and will the vacancies in my city be filled by then. Hmm, my head is a bit spinning at the moment of all these questions. I’m gonna sleep and go to Pilates and then think about it again.
Tonight I already wrote my Christmas cards, so that I can mail them whenever appropriate, I guess like next week or so. Off to bed now…


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