21 December 2005

Work, Dinner, Idols

Today I worked all day. I was with my colleague, so then it isn’t that bad. I’ve told him about my job interview and he was very enthusiastic about it. We discussed it for a while. I was quite bored even because we didn’t have that much customers or work to do. We did have a lot of turnover, so that was very good.
Tonight I cooked my own dinner, which is quite exceptional. I don’t really cook for myself since I live with my boyfriend. When I eat alone, I usually grab a microwave-meal. But tonight I made my own dinner, with chicken and vegetables and a sauce over the chicken called ‘Chicken Tonight’ with a hot-tomato-cream sauce. I enjoyed it (
After dinner I watched ‘Idols’, the Dutch equivalent of ‘Pop Idol’. I missed last Saturday’s show, because I was out on dinner with my work. It wasn’t that interesting, but it was nice to watch.


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