01 January 2006

Happy New Year, Pictures, Rome

This is the first post in the New Year. First of all, Happy 2006 to all of you! My New Year’s Eve was all right, not that spectacular. My boyfriend and I just stayed at home. We had lots of nice food and some ‘oliebollen’ of course, which is a Dutch tradition to have on New Year’s Eve.
I didn’t do that much spectacular either this weekend. It was pretty cold and wet weather this Friday. I was very happy that I didn’t have to work, because the trains didn’t ride after 4 in the afternoon. Well, they did ride, but with much delay. We just went to do our groceries (in 3 different supermarkets) and I picked up my pictures at the postal office. I ordered some pictures via the Internet, since I’m gonna leave the photo shop where I work and I do need a new address to print my pictures. I just don’t want to go to a one-hour service anymore, since that’s way too expensive without any discount. I ordered 150 pictures for a very low price via the Internet, and I’m not that disappointed with the outcome. They are a bit dark, and the paper is very thin, but the overall quality was OK, better than I expected. Now it has cost me like a third of what it would cost me if I would pay the full price in my own shop.
Yesterday I didn’t do that much either. I’m still working on a text about dragons, and I still can’t find any information on what it means in stories if the hero fights a dragon. I have found a lot of b***sh*t of Jung and stuff, but since I’m not a Freud-fan, I don’t wanna include that in my article (Jung was a student of Freud). I still have to figure out a way to solve this.
And tonight I watched the first episodes of Rome, a new TV-series, created by a conjunction between the BBC and HBO. It was nice to watch. My teacher at the university recommended this series, since it’s pretty accurate historically. And for a half American series, there’s a lot of nudity. I guess we have the uncensored version over here.

Well, gotta work tomorrow again, so looking forward to that…


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