04 January 2006

Job interview

I won’t keep you in suspension any longer, today was the day of my job-interview. I was very nervous about it. I made sure I looked good, I polished my nails, made sure my hair was OK, I was wearing a nice blouse (the same as with Christmas, but they don’t know that), everything to make a good first impression. I arrived at the mall at about 4 o’clock, so I had to spend half an hour there. I just walked around the many shops, and I went to the toilet in the big shopping-centre. After that I quickly had to go back to the other side of the mall where I started, because I had to be there and I still had to find my way back. Luckily I recognized some shops I had seen on the way in, and so I arrived in the shop where I applied on time.
The woman I had the conversation with was very nice. The telephone call was a bit difficult 2 weeks ago, but during the conversation she was really nice, and I got the feeling she understood me. She didn’t ask any very scary questions, just who I was, what I thought the job was about, stuff like that. I answered nicely. I only stuttered for a while when she asked me in what kind of shop I should be placed. I didn’t know how to formulate my question, but then I talked around it, and she understood me quite well.
After the interview she gave me some forms to fill out and send back to her with some copies of documents. She also gave me the form which is needed for the tax-stuff, which I thought was a good sign, because she made a big deal out of finding this form for me. It’s a form which is only needed when you enter the company, so I think she was kind of positive about me. When she receives the forms, I will be called by one of the shop managers of a shop in the Hague who will invite me for a second interview. She won’t talk to him about me in advance, so that they both talk with me in an objective manner. After that, they will decide whether they want to hire me or not.
If they want to hire me and I want to become an Assistant-manager, I will have to get my drugstore-diploma first. It will take at least a year before I can assume that function. But OK, that’s fine with me; I’m closer to a promotion then, then right now. She also talked about placing me in Scheveningen, which I pretty much liked. It’s a place with a lot of tourists, right next to the sea, and I can reach it by bus in 10 minutes.
I’m pretty positive, and I think that if I don’t blow up the second interview, I will have a big chance of getting a job there. It’s just gonna take some more time then I thought, but that’s just as well.


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