03 January 2006

Leiden, glasses, dragons

It is so hard to find any motivation to go to work, once you have decided to leave… I’m very glad I don’t have to work today and tomorrow. I do have to study for my exams, but I can’t seem to get myself to it. Don’t know what that’ll turn out to…
Now I have to go to Leiden, to my university to hand in my essay, and I really don’t feel like it. I have to go, otherwise I’ll have to go tomorrow, and I really don’t want to go then, just before my job-interview. After going to Leiden, I want to go to a store to order new glasses. I only have mine for a year, but my eyes must have deteriorated pretty fast, because I have difficulty looking at a distance, and that’s what my glasses are for. I just had to wait for the new year, with our new insurance thing here in the Netherlands, if I go to a specific store, I can get a refund on my complete glasses, and that would be very nice. I just hope it’ll be possible and that they’ll know what I’m talking about and how it works when I get to the store. I have to go to some other mall I have never been before, because this shop is not anywhere near my house.
And after that, if I’ll succeed in everything, I still have to finish my dragon’s piece.
Lots of work to do, and I’m not really looking forward to it.


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