28 February 2006

Bad Essay, Printing Troubles at Work, Homework

And here’s finally another update from me.
This weekend I have been working on my essay on ‘bilingualism’. I am very much worried about it, since I feel like I did a really bad job. The level of writing is just very low. The style is more appropriate for secondary school than for the university. I noticed this when I was writing, but I couldn’t get rid of it. I also had to start really late with writing, because I had spend most of the time gathering information. I do have lots of information, but I think it’s been too much, so that I lost what I needed to find. I also had many difficulties with forming a thesis-statement. Tomorrow night we’re going to do a peer-review, we’re going to comment on each others’ work and then I have to hand it in a few days later. It only is too bad that it’s actually for a mark.
Today at work I was finally awake; I worked with my nice colleague, so the circumstances were great. The only bad thing was that our mini-lab, our printing machine had many troubles. The pictures weren’t coming out, they were stacking on one another inside the machine, so we had to dive into the dirty chemicals to get them out. Till it got so bad in the afternoon that I decided to stop printing, at least the films which weren’t due for today and that they’ll have to do them tomorrow. The mechanic is coming tomorrow morning, so hopefully he’ll be able to fix the problem. I left him a note in which I explained the problems I encountered today. The mechanic and I know each other’s first names and he even knew at what time our shop opens in the morning. I think he’s been with us too many times.
I think I might have to get up real early tomorrow morning to finish my homework. I’ll finish my essay first, convert it to MLA style and then do all the other homework I haven’t done yet.
By the way, we went to Clingendael yesterday where I took this picture. I thought I needed at least one winter-like picture this year, and it was the only one which succeeded. And my bf is already in bed. He had a sore throat today, I even prepared dinner and fruit for him, which I normally never do. I even have to prepare his lunch for tomorrow. And now, off to bed.


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