14 February 2006

Work, Job Interview, Valentine

Today I worked again all day. It wasn’t too great. My colleague told the owner of the shop he has a job interview next Thursday and that’s why he needs the day off. Now that he has told that, I have decided to tell them as well that I am trying to find another job, if they ask me about it. I cannot keep my mouth shut and pretend to be lovely and nice, while applying for every job available behind their backs. Well, that’s kind of exaggerated, but you know what I mean.
I’m becoming really nervous for the job interview I’ll have tomorrow. I’m not sure what I’m gonna say, I don’t know if I can convince them to hire me, I feel like they won’t hire me, and basically I’m just very nervous. I’m sure it’ll go fine, just need to think on it for a while.
And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I really sold a lot of Valentine cards today. All those people who buy them too late…


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