23 February 2006

Long day, Library, Class with Pope, Drink

Ah, I’m finally back home after a long day. I had to work this morning till one in the afternoon. Then I went to Leiden to study in the library. I didn’t feel like going to The Hague for just a couple of hours, because that would take too much time. I had to go to class in the evening anyway.
I still haven’t found quite the information I was looking for. Well, I do have some good information, but I don’t know what to write my essay about. I can’t come up with a good thesis-statement. I’m gonna think about it this weekend, and then write it, because I have to hand it in on Tuesday.
My classes tonight weren’t all that great, also because I hadn’t prepared all that well. Even if I had prepared, I don’t think Alexander Pope is really my thing. I’m not that much into political poetry. Just give me some nice love-poem or a nice play with lots of corpses at the end ;-)
After classes we went for a drink together with some classmates. Even the teacher joined in. I didn’t have too much fun, but that’s mainly because I am very tired. And tomorrow I have to work all day, and as usual I’m not looking forward to it.


At 19:07, Blogger Panadero said...

Hello Charda,

I've just discovered your blog from the Catholic Insider forum. I'm Giles, in Valladolid, Spain. The one who's done some of the work on SHP in Spanish. I'll try and read a bit of your blog before going to the wiki to see the new script.

All the best!


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