03 March 2006

Class, Sims Open for Business, Tomorrow

Wow, I’m really tired and it’s very late, but I just had to do a quick update. The last couple of days I have worked and I’ve been to my classes. Nothing too special really happened. At work it was a pretty quiet day. The turnover was all right, but not really high either.
My classes tonight about Literature were really boring. I hadn’t prepared too well, so I couldn’t really follow what it was all about. I was really glad when I could go home.
And when I got home I had my new computer game waiting there for me: The Sims Open for Business! That was really cool. Now I have a computer game with which I can simulate my real life work. Am I a workaholic or is it just a lack of social life perhaps? And the worse thing is that it didn’t go that well either. I hired some personnel, but she just wouldn’t work, and the woman was really slow at the cash register. Even I can do it faster than that! But I’m glad with my new game and I hope I’ll be able to find some time to play it this week.
Tomorrow they’re going to air ‘Lost’ again and I hope these are new episodes. Tomorrow morning I have to finish and hand in my essay on ‘Bilingualism’. I asked my teacher in class about it, but she said that my thesis statement wasn’t that bad, as long as my essay referred to it and answered it. And Kathy also helped me a little, so it’s gonna work out all right I think. And after that I have to do my Vocab homework. I didn’t do any last week, and this weekend I’m away, so I need to do it tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it…


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