25 March 2006

First-Aid Weekend, Easter Decorations

This is the last entry before the weekend, because I’m going to be away from home this weekend, and I’m not looking forward to it. In November 2004 Martijn and I got our First-Aid diplomas. And now, to keep them valid, we need to go a refreshing-weekend once every year. We didn’t go last year, because the first weekend was very close to our initial training, and the second weekend was in some place very hard to reach for us without a car, and by the time we wanted to go, there were no more free spaces. So this is our first weekend and I am very nervous about it. I don’t like it that we have to spend the night there. I have to sleep at an inflatable mattress on the floor in my (sister-in-law’s) sleeping-bag. I don’t want to refresh my First-Aid knowledge, because it’s pretty non-existing at the moment, and I don’t want to make many stupid remarks. It’s just very bad all and I don’t want to go.
Today I slept in till 11 o’clock. I was very happy about it, because I won’t sleep much this weekend. I took care of some things; I bought some groceries and some Easter-decorations. I’m really happy with those; it reminds me that spring is finally coming. Now I need to go finish packing my bag and including towels, which I forgot, and preparing bread and stuff. I will be so happy when the weekend is over and I’ll be safe and sound back home again on Sunday. Talk to you then!


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