06 March 2006

Saturday, Sunday, Sims

Well, I am back from the weekend over at my friends’. We had a really nice weekend together. My bf also was with me. We went there yesterday afternoon. It’s a two-hour travel by train, but luckily there weren’t any delays because of the snow or something. Because yes, it has been snowing this week over here. It’s not that bad, but our national Railway-company is kind of sensitive to ‘different weathers’. And different weather can mean snow, rain, wind, almost everything.
But OK, I was at my friends’. We arrived there yesterday, like I said, we watched TV together. We also had a meal together. I don’t even know the English word for it; in Dutch it’s called ‘fondue’. It’s like on the picture, when you stick some piece of meat on a stick and fry it in the pan filled with oil. If anyone knows if this is known outside the Netherlands, please let me know :-)
Then, while eating dinner, we watched ‘Idols’, the Dutch equivalent of ‘American Idol’. And we were all very happy because the worse one was removed and the two best are still in the running. Next week is the big finale and I am pretty curious who’s going to win.
Today, Sunday, we did even less than Saturday. We had breakfast together, really nice with home-made bread, we watched some more TV. In the afternoon a lot of other visitors arrived, varying from friends to family to classmates. And after dinner we left and went back home. And here I played some ‘Sims’ (I got my cheats back after installing the new expansion pack :-))) And now I have to go to bed, cause tomorrow there’s work again…


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