04 April 2006

Work, Dinner, Homework Today, Homework Tomorrow

Wow, I’m finally finished with my work and my homework and my SQPN commitments. I have some time to update my blog and then I need to go to bed. It was a heavy day at work today. It was very busy and I almost worked non-stop. I only took occasional breaks to check my e-mail and to check the SQPN-website. Our turnover was quite all right, we had one big customer who made the day, nothing too special overall.
Tonight my bf had made dinner. We had some left-over self-made pizza from last Saturday and he combined it with a home-made salad and with some bread with garlic-butter. Hmm, how I love the garlic butter. As a desert we had vanilla custard with fried pear with cinnamon and rum and some whipped cream on top of that. That was really nice. Next time I’ll take a picture of it.
After dinner I practised my presentation and I made the hand-out. I’m feeling OK about the presentation. I now had 13 minutes, so I’ll guess I’ll turn out nicely at 10 minutes at the real thing tomorrow night. All I have to do for my presentation is copy the handout 20 times, and then I’m ready. I’ll practise it once more tomorrow afternoon and I’ll be set. I also handed in my Philology-assignment tonight via Blackboard. How I love the Internet…
Tomorrow I’ll also need to finalize my essay and I still need to make a lay-out for my Literature essay. I still don’t know when I’m going to do that. I hope I’ll have a spare hour tomorrow afternoon, but I’m afraid that’s not enough. We’ll just see. That pretty much covers what I have done today and what I’m going to do tomorrow.


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