21 August 2006

The Last 10 Days

It’s been another very long time since I last updated my blog. Last weekend and this weekend I played a lot of Guild Wars. My main character is now lvl 20 en my other character is lvl 15. They’re both doing pretty well. I found this really cool guild. It consists only of a few people, but they are really nice and they’re Dutch. Usually I don’t like Dutch people to play with, but these are cool. They live nearby and are just laid back people.
Last Tuesday I went to the Holy Eucharist to pray. I also prayed along with the first Prayercast episode. It was a pretty intense experience. I keep on thanking Jesus for my life at this moment, also for Martijn and for everything else. It felt really special.
Last Monday I think it was I spoke with my friend over the telephone. I hadn’t talked to her in a long time. I was glad to hear from her again. We updated each other on our lives and I told her about me going to church. I always find it difficult to talk about, but she was very enthusiastic and even told me that she’s going to do her first Holy Communion next year. I was a bit surprised by that.
At work nothing too special happened. We had a really busy period on Wednesday. We have lots of problems with our passport pictures. They changed the requirements, and we can’t make them according to the new requirements yet. It isn’t needed until the 26th of August, but you need to explain this to every customer. And sometimes the people who accept the passport pictures demand it to be according to the new standards already, so the customers come back. It’s so much fuss. It’s just annoying. And we’re still looking for a new employee. I placed an advertisement on a website. I hope I will have some new candidates tomorrow who checked the website over the weekend.
Martijn had a lot of re-sit exams the last week and he has the last one tomorrow. I hope he did all right. We’re going out for dinner next Tuesday, just because I want to.
Today I spoke to my mother on the telephone. She sounded OK, she was a bit bored because it was Sunday. She really doesn’t want to move to the new house they have found for her. It’s just a small room and she needs to share the bathroom and kitchen with someone else. She was really upset about that. I really don’t know what she has to do with her life. All I can do is pray for her I guess.
Well, going to work tomorrow, and that’s about it.


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