24 August 2006

Really Really Bad Day at Work

Today I had a really really very bad day. It already started when I walked to the tram platform this morning. There was a whole row of people waiting for the tram. That was a lot busier than normal. I also couldn’t find the seat that I always like, so I started off wrong. Then there was the train. I wanted to take a certain train, but it was just too busy. I was in front of a door, but I couldn’t get in, because there were too many people there and I wouldn’t fit in. So I didn’t get on the train, and I waited 15 minutes for the next train. That train was fine. Then I entered the shop where I work. Everything was wrong and off, and all the photo frames were somewhere else and it didn’t look like the passport pictures thing was solved yet. They kind of moved the complete shop yesterday, and they left while being somewhere in the middle. The whole day we have been working at the passport picture problem and at tidying the frames and doing the regular photo work as well. I felt really bad. I don’t like it when everything is off the regular place and upside down and everything. Things don’t need to be really tidy, although that is sometimes nice at work. I just don’t like it when it’s this big a mess. Yesterday Martijn and I had taken a picture of ourselves so that we can give it to our parents so I printed one sample, and it was really horrible. The quality was not good enough to give it away. I was upset about that too, because this Saturday I’m going shopping with my mother and I wanted to give it to her as a present. Now I don’t have a gift for her. It was just an awful day, so I was really glad to be home and to play some Guild Wars. It feels like I’m in another world which has nothing to do at all with my work and such.
Tomorrow at work we still have to finish the passport picture problem and we have a applicant for the job opening. I’m really curious what that’s going to be like. He sounded nice on the phone, I don’t know what he’ll be like in person and whether he still wants to work in our shop once he has seen it. Well, we’ll see how that goes tomorrow. First, I’m gonna try to get some sleep.


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