22 April 2009

They say that Hope is happiness

What better way than to convey my feelings quoting a poem by Lord Byron:

They say that Hope is happiness;
But genuine Love must prize the past,
And Memory wakes the thoughts that bless:
They rose the first--they set the last;

And all that Memory loves the most
Was once our only Hope to be,
And all that Hope adored and lost
Hath melted into Memory.

Alas it is delusion all:
The future cheats us from afar,
Nor can we be what we recall,
Nor dare we think on what we are.

What will happen in my own future? Do I have any hopes left? Do I dare to hope for anything? I am sure I cannot be who I was, but who am I today? Who will I be tomorrow? Or a year from now? I guess only Time can tell, together with Hope, Memory and Love.


At 10:23, Anonymous Bad Juuso said...

Sounds sad :(
Could i help you in someway?

At 23:38, Blogger Charda said...

I'm not that sad actually, I'm more confused. I just need time to figure things out.


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