25 November 2005

Library, no Harry Potter and then home

I’m not really sure whether this was a productive day. I went to the library this morning together with a classmate. We were there at about 11 o’clock, and we stayed there till 3 in the afternoon. I just didn’t really do that much. I didn’t sleep that much last night and I woke up pretty badly. I thought: “I have to work, I have to work, I have to hurry, I don’t have time.”, but I didn’t have to work today, but that’s a nasty way of waking up. I just read some literature and tried to answer the study-questions about them. I read the ‘Fairy Queene’ by I-forgot-who.
The weather is actually very bad here in the Netherlands, or it was today and last night. We had a lot of rain and heavy storms. Right now it’s getting better I think.
But through this weather I went to the cinema to go see Harry Potter, but I didn’t make a reservation, and it was sold out by the time I got there. I was kind of angry about it (   )
At home I watched the movie ‘Bride and Prejudice’, an Indian/multicultural version of Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’. I really enjoyed it; I didn’t have to think about anything.
Tomorrow I have to work again, I hope it’ll be busy, so that we make a lot of money.
Well, talk to you soon.


At 21:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen some torrents of the last Harry Potter. You may download it, and view it on your PC (miserable quality, probably)


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