26 November 2005

New Printer and Cold

It is very cold outside over here. I have no clue how many degrees it is, but it sure feels cold.
I worked all day today, although I usually don’t work Saturdays. The large printer has been installed, an Epson 7800. We already have a Kodak/Kis 89 DLS system at my work. Now we can print pictures bigger than 20 x 30 cm (which is like 8 x 10 inches?), we can actually print on 60 x 90 cm, and also on canvas, which is both pretty cool. I’m only a bit nervous, because the guy who installed it explained who to print to me, but only to me. So now I have to explain it to my colleagues next week, and I hardly know how to do it myself. But I must say that I am satisfied with how the prints came out. We printed 3 photos and they looked really nice, especially since it’s just a very big inkjet printer.
I’m gonna throw my pizza in the oven and watch Idols, the Dutch equivalent of American Idol, and I’m just gonna relax tonight…


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