27 November 2005

No Homework, but maybe New Job

I should have done a lot of work today, but I haven’t. I didn’t really feel like doing anything, so I chatted a lot with my boyfriend. I talked with him about me wanting a new job, another job. At the moment I work at the one-hour photo service, where I’m pretty happy. It’s just that I earn the minimum wages and I don’t have any chances of promotion. In a few years I would like to get married and perhaps move, and build a family, but without earning enough money I can’t save for these things. So I’ve been thinking a lot today about what I want to do. I still want to continue my studies of English, but it’ll take at least 7 years till I have my degree. I don’t want to stay working in the shop where I work now for all this time. But I don’t have any diplomas except for high-school and I don’t want to do any telephone-work, as in call-centres. After thinking and talking a lot today, I figured I might want to get a management job in a shop. I’m not quite sure I have the requirements it’ll take, but I do think I want to try it. I will follow an intern education, and I’ll start as an assistant-manager first, but it would be a hell of a challenge. I’m gonna call my former-manager this week, and ask her what the requirements are and if she thinks I can do it. And now I’m very excited about this idea, but still have a lot of homework to do.  


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