08 January 2006

Studying, Sick, Dragons

It’s the end of the weekend already, but I’m not very nervous at the moment. Yesterday I reviewed some of the vocabulary, and it didn’t go that bad. Today I tried to learn some of the linguistics theory for my test on Wednesday. I didn’t learn that much, but it’s better than nothing.
My boyfriend is suffering from a bad cold. He’s very tired and is already asleep at the moment. According to himself, he’s not sick, he’s only tired and he needs to sneeze and cough all the time. Men when they are sick…
And, then some major news of tonight: my article about dragons has been recorded and broadcasted tonight! Fr. Roderick has recorded it, almost in the original state as how I wrote it. He only changed some passages and some words. I am very proud of it, and my name is even mentioned at the end Here’s the link to the mp3 file: http://libsyn.com/media/dailybreakfast/SHP-09.mp3. At least a couple of 1000 people will hear my work.
Tomorrow I’ll just have to work in the day. Early in the evening I have my test, so please think of me so that all will go well!


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