22 February 2006

Long long day

Today was a really long day for me. Nothing really special, but it feels like a long day.
I started with Pilates as usual and after that I went home and took a shower and had lunch. Then I went to the centre of The Hague to the Swatch store to buy a new band for my watch. I bought the same band as I had before, since it was the only one that really fitted with the clock. From the Swatch store I walked to the ‘Royal Library’ where some books on bilingualism were waiting for me. I read through those books and took one home. I also made the general outline for my essay, but I’m not yet completely satisfied with it. I’ll have to think about it tomorrow. And then I went to Leiden where I had dinner and my classes. The classes weren’t really interesting. They were pretty boring actually. Even Philology wasn’t as cool as last week, maybe also because I was a bit tired. But we survived, and I’m home, and I’m going to bed very soon and work tomorrow.


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