14 July 2006

First Aid Weekend

I should be going to bed right now, as Martijn is asking of me next to me here. I just wanted to update before I go away on my First Aid weekend. I am pretty nervous about it. We’re going to take the train to Apeldoorn tomorrow at 10 o’clock. That’s not too bad, I guess we’re going to leave our house at around 9 o’clock. I’m gonna wave at Fr Roderick as our train is going through Amersfoort. Apeldoorn is about half an hour away from Amersfoort by train. I think I packed everything. I just figured that I also packed the t-shirt that I need to wear tomorrow, so I’m gonna unpack that. Now I’m going to bed, to see if I can get one night’s sleep before I sleep awfully in a tent the next few days. Please wish me luck and think of me this weekend.


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