12 June 2006

Hot, Today, Yesterday, Rosaries, Dinner

I’m so incredibly hot. And that’s purely because of the high temperatures over here. The temperature reached 30 degrees Celsius here in the Netherlands this afternoon. I can’t even move or I’ll sweat. The only thing I did yesterday was buying groceries. For the rest I just read, played the Sims, and I watched TV. My friend also called and we talked for a couple of hours. I was really glad to talk to her again, since we hadn’t spoken each other for a long time.
This morning I went to church. There weren’t too many people there. I was still a bit tired, so I had some difficulty listening to the homily and really understanding what it was about.
When I came home I played some more Sims and I got my Sims to graduate from University. Then Martijn had woken up by that time, so I had to stop playing and prepare breakfast (like I’m some kind of woman who does that all the time :-p). The rest of the afternoon I just read in my Virginia Andrews book, I made another rosary and I dyed my rosaries with the Kool-Aid dye I received yesterday by mail. It was fun to do that, though it was a bit warm to nuke something in the microwave and then play with it. I was really surprised how well they turned out. I dyed them with the Black Cherry flavour and they’re a really nice colour of red now. I wasn’t sure the twine was 100 % nylon, because it didn’t say any ingredients on the website. I also didn’t know what the colour was going to look like. I was afraid it would turn light-pink or something, but this colour is really cool. I only need to get my knots closer together and then they’re ready to be shipped off. I’m not sure what I’ll do with these rosaries.
Tonight my boyfriend and I had dinner in a Chinese restaurant. It’s a really cool place where you choose your own ingredients, you put them on a plate, and then the cooks stir-fry them with the sauce of your own choice. It’s a good way for Martijn and me to both be able to eat something we like. Because of the high temperature I wasn’t too hungry, but I had a really nice time and it was good to be alone with Martijn.
Tomorrow is 12 of 12 day, so I’ll bring my camera to work and I’ll try to make some picture. I hope my colleague likes her gift.


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