10 June 2006

No more exams, Shopping, SHP

Wow, finally, all my exams are over. I’m just so happy and relieved it’s all over. I have no idea how I have done and whether I have passed them or not, but right now there’s nothing I can do about it. The results will be sent to us on the 22nd of June, so I guess I’ll receive them a day after that. I’m really curious to see what I’ve done, because most of the exams didn’t go too well and I hope I did them well enough to have passed them.
Today I enjoyed my first no-study day and I went shopping. I had to buy a present for my colleague who turns 17 next Monday. I usually don’t buy gifts for her, but I know it’s her birthday and we work together, so I decided to be nice. I also bought a new Bible for myself. I bought the newest translation of the Dutch Bible before we moved to this house, so I have no idea where it is. I only have another Dutch translation, but it’s 50 years old (the translation, not the Bible) so that doesn’t read too easily. Now I bought an English Bible, a New International Version. It’s a really cool edition, because it has a pink cover. I also bought some other second-hand books. One of them is concerning Murray of the Oxford English Dictionary. I saw the book and I remembered that my teacher had recommended this book if we ever saw it for sale somewhere. So I decided to be a good student and buy the book. Then I bought some cheap clothes, both for Martijn and myself. I went by the hardware store to buy some more twine (100 metres) and then I was pretty much fed up with shopping and I went home. The temperature is really high here at the moment. I was so tired tonight, that I have slept for two hours. That felt pretty nice.
What you see on the picture is my new Bible and one of the rosaries I have knotted myself.
I also sent out a mail to the scriptwriter’s team of the Secrets of Harry Potter podcast. There hasn’t been a new podcast in a long time and I was wondering if people were still interested in working on it. As it turns out, they were still interested. Since I have the next couple of weeks off, I hope to have some time to spend on scriptwriting. I really hope we can get this podcast back on the Internet.
That was about all I did today. Tomorrow morning I have Pilates, for once on a Saturday, and I don’t really have plans for the rest of the day. I only have to buy groceries, together with Martijn, but that’s it.


At 17:25, Blogger Panadero said...

Your wake up call to the Potter Podcaster has worked a dream, and now we have a new episode on the net and one in the can waiting for release. There's feedback coming in and the scriptwriters are on to at least three different tacks for new episodes.

I can't wait to see your script.


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