11 July 2006

GW, Church, Busy Work, Rosaries

I’m sorry it has yet been another week since I have last written. I just seem to go to bed real late and then I don’t want to write anymore. Or I just have little to write about.
Like last weekend. Basically, all I did was play Guild Wars. I had great fun doing so, although sometimes at night I still dreamt about playing. The fun part is that Martijn and I kind of do it together. Usually I play and then Martijn sits next to me and gives me hints and helps me. I also played with my father the other day. That was really fun. My dad was at his home behind his computer and me over here. I also teamed with other people now and then, and that’s also cool, although I die a lot when I do that. My Mesmer/Ranger is now lvl 10, which is as high as my Elementalist/Monk.
Yesterday when I went to church I went to a different church. They existed 75 years and the bishop was there to celebrate mass. It was really busy, like 400/500 people. In a regular mass, there are about 100 people. I liked seeing the bishop and being part of that celebration.
Today at work was a really really busy day. I was with my colleague who was also on the 12 of 12 of last month. I was really glad to work with her, because I couldn’t have done this much work with anyone else. We had a good turnover, so it was worth the effort, but I was a bit happy when I was at home tonight and was able to sit down and watch ANTM.
Tomorrow I have Pilates class and little else to do. I might have to prepare something for next weekend, but I’ll see that tomorrow. By the way, the rosary on the picture is one I dyed myself. I thought, the World Cup is finally over, so I can make some orange again as if I'm proud of my country. I ordered some twine by Michael of the Rosary Army Forums and it was really great. The American twine is different from the Dutch twine. It's much thicker and softer and the knots look a lot better. I also received some crucifixes for my own use (I ordered them) and I got some twine donated by a mysterious/anonymous donator. That was really cool. Today I sent my first rosaries to the Rosary Army, 8 pieces. I hope they’ll be of some use to them, cause I know they aren’t perfect yet. I already have 5 more ready right now. Don’t know what colour I’ll make them yet. Talk to you soon!


At 16:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the Rosary in the picture looks great. i'm sure they will be very well received when the package arrives.

One more day... and you're off for the weekend. Nice that you had time with your Dad. All the best...



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