03 July 2006


Since it’s been more than a week ago since I last updated, here I am. I’m not so sure what I’m going to tell you, but we’ll see.
Last week I placed 2 orders via the Internet. I ordered a CD by Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys and the game Guild Wars Factions. I found this cheap website and I’m waiting for them to arrive. I also ordered some rosary-supplies yesterday. I ordered 15 crucifixes so that I can finish some of my own rosaries and see how they look with a rosary on them. I also ordered some twine. This store sells twine by foot, so I ordered about 5 different colours and I get some reduction because I am a Rosary Army forum member. I actually read more than that I post, but I am gonna use this twine to send it to Rosary Army, so that’s fine. I was talking about it with Martijn that it’s nothing short of a miracle that I can shop in the USA, pay it via credit card and then have it delivered to my home, in about one day time. Well, the delivery takes a little longer, but the ordering takes only that much time.
Yesterday I finished my new SHP script about Remus Lupin. I posted it on the SQPN wiki, but I haven’t gotten any reaction to it yet. I hope they will like it so that it can be recorded and then finally published on the Internet.
I’m still reading ‘Sense and Sensibility’. I still like it very much. I’m about more than halfway through it already, so I will at least finish it before September.
Today I worked with our new colleague. She’s helping us out for a couple of weeks in the vacation. It’s sometimes hard to work with someone new, because I have to watch her every step and I need to look after everything she does. I hope we will find someone who’s going to stay with us so that I can teach that person how everything works and they can take some of this workload off of me. The store where I work now exists 8 years, so we’re kind of celebrating that with some sales and reductions. My boss heard today that he will need a complete knee-replacement, but his knee still needs to heal from the last surgery. He also needs to lose weight, but that’s nothing new. He might have the surgery in about 3 months.
Tomorrow I’ll have my Pilates class and I should go to the mall to buy some jeans, but it’s way too hot to go shopping. I think I’ll stay at home, read a bit and play some Guild Wars. I started a Mesmer/Ranger character yesterday and it’s fun to play with. Maybe some of my packages will be in the mail tomorrow.
Martijn and I are very much looking forward to our First-Aid event next week. It’s already next week. I’ve read the story-line online, but it’s still a bit vague. It’s a good thing I’m going to be First-Aid staff and not a participant.


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