04 July 2006

Pilates, Bad Sleep, Shopping

It’s still so very hot over here in the Netherlands. I think in the daytime it is around 30 degrees Celsius. This morning I went to Pilates. It wasn’t the last lesson of the course as I had hoped, and we didn’t practice with the ball. We did all the exercises very easily because the temperatures are this high.
When I came home, I tried to sleep some more. I had an awful night last night. I was awake till at least 4 o’clock. I wasn’t really awake, but I kept falling asleep and waking up every 15 minutes, or it felt that way at least. Then at 4 I thought I heard a mosquito and I turned on the light, but I never saw it again. Then I saw my book and I decided to read for some time. After I went to the bathroom I finally got some sleep until 8 o’clock when my alarm went off.
This afternoon I went shopping. I hate shopping, especially when it’s 30 degrees outside and even more when I have to buy jeans which I have to try on. But I went anyway because I really needed a new pair of jeans and in the end I found and bought two. I also bought some slippers, because with this temperature I needed some open shoes. I also bought some things for Martijn which he needed and some supplies for our camping adventure next week. I was only too tired and late to buy the groceries, so Martijn had to them after work. I’m a bit ashamed about that, but I don’t think he really minds. Tomorrow I’ll have to work, in my new jeans and shoes, and in the air-conditioning, so I hope things will be better then.


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