06 September 2006

No More Internet, Yesterday, My Future and English

Wow, this is the last update via the Scarlet Internet connection. Tomorrow we will be disconnected for a long long time… That’s at least how it will feel to me. I wish they would find a way to accelerate the process somehow.
Yesterday I had a very relaxing day. Somehow I woke up before 6 in the morning without no particular reason. I was really tired the rest of the day. I went to Pilates, when I got home I did some Philology homework, and after that I went to bed. I watched some TV, some more TV (Animal Planet), my friend called me for a couple of hours, and then I took a shower, did some groceries, cooked dinner and went back to bed to watch some more television. A really busy day it was…
Today I worked with my boss. Sometimes I really had to keep my patience. I just had to think and keep calm and not say anything I’m going to regret later on. One of the children she baby-sits was there and I’m really fond of him. He’s so cute and so fun to talk to; he’s 5 years old. That made up for a lot of things.
The last few days I have been thinking of my future education. Next year I’ll have to choose what subject I want to follow and what kind of emphasis I want to put on my education. The two main courses of this education are that you either become a teacher, which I really don’t want, or that you become a translator. The last few days I have been thinking of this option. It would mean that I can go to work straight after I leave the university and that I will have pretty good chances for a job. That’s what’s really important to me right now. I mailed the study-coordinator with some questions, so I hope she’ll write back soon. I’ll probably discard these ideas in a few weeks or months, but for now I like to ponder on them for a while. After all, I need to decide this year and a year goes by faster than you think. I’ll keep you posted…


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