25 August 2006

Passport Pictures, Job Interviews, TV night

Today was a really busy day at work. I have to renew the photo paper twice. That is very unique. I don’t know if it has happened before, but it certainly hasn’t happened a lot of times. We printed 1349 pictures for one customer, and we still haven’t finished yet. It took us all day and we also had to print all the one hour service jobs and all the reprints and such. My boss was still working to get the passport pictures right. It’s still not working like it should. The lamps are in place now, but the colour of the pictures isn’t optimal yet. During this the boss’ wife was just walking around and talking and pretty much doing nothing. This meant I had to help all of the customers and do all the photo work. I wasn’t too happy with this.
We had two job interviews. I didn’t know about the first one; that was a bit of a surprise. She was a 22 year old girl, a mother, and the daughter of a friend of my boss. The second applicant was the one I had invited. He didn’t impress me as much as his resume had done. I’m convinced he could have done the photo work; I don’t really know whether he would have been good with the customers. So we chose the girl and she’s gonna start working for us soon. I’m curious to see how that’ll go.
Tonight I didn’t do much. I micro waved my food, I watched Dharma and Greg, Everybody Loves Raymond, CSI New York and House MD. I really like that last series. It started here last week and I’m really enthusiastic about it. Dr House just says the things as they are and I love that. It’s so refreshing.


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